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They were more eager to try wild, new experiences.
wanting to stick with the familiar.
They were more up-tight, organized, and reliable.
laid-back, messy, and unpredictable.
They were more eager to socialize, meet new people, and go out.
preferring to stay home and pursue solitary activities.
They were more easy to get along with, friendly, and eager to please.
bristly, confrontational, and likely to argue.
They were more secure, confident, and stable.
worried, nervous, and troubled.

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Custom personality simulation through Project December costs $10, which covers the compute time on the back-end super-computer. For this price, your conversation will included over 100 back-and-forth exchanges and will last an hour or more, depending on how quickly you respond and how you spread your conversation out over time.

After completing the form below and submitting your payment, your custom personality will be generated, and you will receive a link to it by email.


This is a cutting-edge research system that does a pretty good job of simulating intelligent personalities. Many people have reported positive experiences when using it to simulate the dead, and you may find it helpful, which is why we have opened this service to public access.

However, you should not expect perfection. Think of yourself as a bold experimenter, working with science-fiction-level technology. If you keep an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.


Your questionnaire and conversation content are stored internally and used by the AI system in order to simulate a personality. However, this data is never viewed by a human, nor will it ever be shared with anyone.

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